Valentine’s Day Chocolates in Heart Tin

Doves chocolates in heart tinFor maximum impact on a small budget, these Valentine’s Day chocolates stand out.

Packaged in a swirly heart-shaped tin are a selection of Dove’s Silky Smooth collection of chocolates. These are good value for money but the question is whether your beloved is a chocolate snob or just appreciates chocolate in any form?

If she loves gourmet chocolate you’re better off spending the money on a couple of bars of really great quality chocolate. If she just has a sweet tooth, then this could be the perfect combination of romance and candy. Check out this chocolate review for more insight into the contents of the tin.

These heart shaped tins tend only to be available around Valentine’s Day. The rest of the year you have to be content with the ordinary gift boxes.

Dove Valentine’s Silky Smooth Select Chocolates, 8.13-Ounce Heart Tin costs $13.83 from Amazon.

Silky Smooth Dove Milk & Dark Chocolate Promises Collection 35 Oz Gift Boxcosts $23.45

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