Handblown Glass Heart Paperweight

heart-glass-paperweightA fabulous and lasting gift for Valentines’ Day or any other romantic occasion, this heart paperweight is full of colour. Hand-blown by experienced glass artists, no two are the same, so it is truly a unique gift.

There are several other colour combinations in this series of heart paperweights, from rainbows to this ripple effect. For some reason they are all priced well below their original list price, so snap them up while they are still affordable, as they are genuine art pieces – brings a new meaning to the words of Blondie’s Heart Of Glass!

Hand Glass Art Dark Rainbow Ripple Heart Paperweight PW-6002
currently $29.99 down from $124.99 at Amazon

Heart Shopping Bag

heart-shopping-bagThe bright heart pattern on this sturdy shopping bag is enough to catch at the heart of any eco romantic. Gorgeous colours, trendy pattern and clever design it’s a winner for all of us grocery shoppers who make a habit of re-using shopping bags.

The bag folds away into a smaller carrying pouch, so you get two for the price of one. It’s made of durable polyester, so is light to carry and can easily be tucked into a handbag to carry your groceries home later.
Its trendy design makes it a great little gift for friends or stocking stuffer for family. Another bright idea is to use one of these bags instead of gift wrap, so your friends are getting two gifts in one !


The bag folded with its little carry pouch

Pretty Hand Felted Heart

felt-heartA gorgeous soft love token, this felt heart would make a lovely Valentines’ Day gift for your beloved.

It is made from hand-felted merino sheep’s wool and silk fibers, then embroidered with a delicate design. It also has a little angel charm on the back. Stuffed with a fiber filling and dried lavender it smells good too.

It would also make a lovely romantic Christmas stocking stuffer to be hung on the tree ever afterwards!

Available from Purple Platypus on Etsy and costs $15.

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