Warm Heart Pillow

warm-heart-pillowLess a romantic gift than a loving and caring one, this warm heart pillow is the perfect soothing and nurturing aid when you need the comfort of warmth.

It just goes in the microwave to warm for a minute or two and then can be hugged or placed on aches and pains to soothe them. Or else it can be put in the freezer and used for cold therapy for bumps and bruises.

The pillow is covered in red velvet and its filling also contains cinnamon, clover and eucalyptus for some extra aromatherapy treatment. Maybe not for Valentine’s Day but it would make a welcome Mother’s Day gift, Christmas gift, or just get it for yourself!


The pretty heart packaging turns this pillow into a great gift for someone you love

DreamTime Loving Hugs Heart Pillow, Cranberry Velvetcurrently costs $29.99 from Amazon

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