Two Pretty Heart Wind Chimes

rustic heart wind chime

If you are looking for wind chimes with a pretty heart motif, here are two by Red Carpet Studios to choose from:

rustic heart wind chime
The first has a rustic copper heart crossed by wires with painted metal daisies and has a charming naïf feel to it. Red Carpet Studios 10984 23-Inch Rustic Element Metal Wind Chime, Heart costs $14.99 via Amazon.

mosaic heart wind chimeThe second is slightly longer with an elegant wire and glass ‘mosaic’ heart decoration.
Red Carpet Studios 10945 24-Inch Copper Tunes Wind Chime, Mosaic Heart
costs $12.99 also via Amazon.

heart wind chimesBoth heart wind chimes have four copper plated anodized aluminium tubes in varying lengths to create the chimes. They’d  be perfect for a verandah or porch to add a soothing musical background on a breezy afternoon.

I have a secret fondness for daisies, so the rustic one would be my choice. Which one do you like best?

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