Milk Chocolate Heart For Your Sweetheart

Lindt milk chocolate heartYoung girls like to feel special on Valentine’s Day too, so if you have daughters with a good taste in chocolate how about this simple but special Lindt milk chocolate heart.

It contains 100g / 3.5oz of quality milk chocolate and it’s packaged in a way that shows its class, red and gold, so would be a great Valentines token or favor for grown girls too!

Valentine’s Milk Chocolate Heart costs $7 from Amazon or $10 for two.

Gourmet French Chocolate Hearts in Mahogany Box

Gourmet French chocolate heartsIf money is no object and gourmet chocolate the way to your beloved’s heart, then this has to be the ultimate in Valentine’s gifts!

A beautifully hand crafted mahogany box inlaid with a golden heart, and filled with hand-made gourmet chocolates shipped direct from France. The twelve sensuous heart shaped chocolates are made by a master French chocolatier, Pascal Caffet, from purest cocoa butter and are the ultimate in chocolate sensation.

The great thing is that even after all the chocolate is gone (sob!) she is left with a beautiful mahogany box as a memento, which can be personalized with a message on its brass plaque…and filled up again from time to time. If you really want to spoil her, perhaps a monthly standing order refill package of these special chocolates would be the way to win her heart!

Buy direct from zChocolat in France at just under $100 plus shipping for this wooden box of 12 heart chocolates, or check out the rest of the range of hand-made heart shaped chocolates.

You can also buy 12 pcs Brown Mahogany Chocolate Box Carved With A Golden Heart through Amazon if you prefer.

Edited to add: Here is an excellent and recent unbiased review of a similar zChocolat box with more pics if you want to make sure exactly what you are getting for your money!

Valentine’s Day Chocolates in Heart Tin

Doves chocolates in heart tinFor maximum impact on a small budget, these Valentine’s Day chocolates stand out.

Packaged in a swirly heart-shaped tin are a selection of Dove’s Silky Smooth collection of chocolates. These are good value for money but the question is whether your beloved is a chocolate snob or just appreciates chocolate in any form?

If she loves gourmet chocolate you’re better off spending the money on a couple of bars of really great quality chocolate. If she just has a sweet tooth, then this could be the perfect combination of romance and candy. Check out this chocolate review for more insight into the contents of the tin.

These heart shaped tins tend only to be available around Valentine’s Day. The rest of the year you have to be content with the ordinary gift boxes.

Dove Valentine’s Silky Smooth Select Chocolates, 8.13-Ounce Heart Tin costs $13.83 from Amazon.

Silky Smooth Dove Milk & Dark Chocolate Promises Collection 35 Oz Gift Boxcosts $23.45

Pretty Chocolate Heart Truffles

Heart-shaped chocolate trufflesIf your love loves chocolate and a bit of art deco, these fun heart truffles from Olde Naples Chocolate should be just the thing for Valentine’s Day.

Each box hold nine truffles decorated in various cool patterns. They are hand-made rich dark chocolate, the real thing, with espresso, raspberry, chocolate or orange truffle centers.

The box is red, of course, the color of passion. But these would be great at any time of the year – who says you have to wait for Valentine’s Day to give chocolate or love hearts – I want these now!

Heart Shaped Truffle Assortment – 9 chocolate truffles for Mother’s Day, Valentines Day costs $16 from Amazon

Heart of Chocolates

hand-made chocolatesChocolates are the quickest way to my heart – and I know I’m not the only woman who can’t resist good, dark chocolate. When it comes to artisan made chocolates and truffles I’m a pushover.

These hand-made chocolates from Heart of Chocolates, or Coeur des Chocolats, just had to be included on the site, even though only one of them (the passion fruit) is heart shaped. Each one is a work of art, so beautiful it has to taste fabulous!
heart passion fruit chocolate

Those lucky enough to live nearby in San Francisco can buy direct or in several of the retail stockists, but the chocolates can be shopped anywhere in the US. Individual chocolates can be ordered as wedding favors and they can be bought wholesale or for corporate gifts. But this box will do me fine for now, thanks!

hand-made chocolatesThis gift box of 24 chocolates (100g) costs $42.

Big Solid Chocolate Heart

solid chocolate heartFor some chocoholics only chocolate itself will do… none of those fancy filled chocolates or truffles, just a solid slab of gourmet chocolate. If your beloved is one of these people, then what could be better than a 3lb chocolate heart as a gift?!

There is something about the over-the-topness of this chocolate heart by Lang’s Chocolates that really appeals to me – it’s 12 inches by 12 inches of solid gourmet dark chocolate.. or there is a milk chocolate version too, but what hard-core chocoholic goes for milk chocolate?! They are both certified kosher too.

3lb Solid Dark Chocolate heart. Large Valentine heart. Certified Kosher or
3lb Solid Milk Chocolate heart. Large Valentine heart. Certified Kosher Currently both cost $60 from Amazon + $17.20 shipping…they are heavy!

Red Velvet Heart Chocolate Box

heart- chocolate-boxSometimes chocolate is the quickest way to a woman’s heart and packaging it a lush red velvet heart box makes it into a romantic gesture that will be appreciated.

This box comes with a dozen of Astor’s classic hazelnut truffles – perhaps more welcome than a dozen red roses…? depends on the chocoholic status of the woman concerned!

Look out for more gorgeous heart chocolate boxes being added to the Amazon range as we get nearer to Valentines Day – there are rumors of organic truffles, luxury Belgian chocolates and more!

Velvet Heart Chocolate Truffle Boxcosts $22 from Amazon

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