Heart Cake Pan Set by Wilton

set of heart cake tinsAn original gift for a passionate baker, these heart shaped tins are perfect for baking a beautiful stacked heart cake for any romantic occasion.

For that matter what little girl wouldn’t love a fancy heart cake for her birthday cake. Imaginative bakers have even turned the heart around to construct elaborate shamrock cakes for St Patrick’s day, so there’s no end to the special occasions and holidays these cake pans could be used to celebrate.

Good quality aluminum pans from Wilton, these should last well and be a great addition to any keen baker’s collection. The set includes a 14 inch, a 12 inch, a 10 inch and a 6 inch pan, all measuring 2 inches deep.

Wilton Decorative Preferred 4-Piece Heart Pan Setcosts $34.89 for the set, down from $47.99, from Wilton via Amazon.

Heart Cookie Cutters for Valentine’s Day Treats

heart-cookie-cuttersIf you’re racking your brains to come up with fun Valentine’s gifts for your kids to take to school, there’s an easy and fun solution. Bake your own!

The kids will have fun baking them, even more decorating them and their friends will enjoy eating them too. Plenty of mess but no waste!

These cookie cutters are a great investment as you can use them for all sorts of baking all year round: for birthday parties and anniversaries too.

Here’s a cookie recipe to go with the cookie cutters that is easy and delicious, plain enough to smother with frosting but tasty enough to eat plain for adults with a less than sweet tooth.

Ateco Graduated Heart Cookie Cutters, Set of 6 currently cost $10.26 from Amazon.

Sugar Heart Cake and Cookie Decorations

Sugar Heart Cake DecorationsFor some reason these rainbow sugar hearts appeal to the child in me. My kids adore decorating home-baked cakes with all sorts of frosting and sprinkles and I’m sure they’d go for these in a big way. I’d love to decorate birthday cakes, cupcakes and cookies with these myself – the colors are so pretty.

It’s hard to tell how big they are from the picture, but I would hope that they are a fair amount bigger than your average sprinkles, as they are not cheap at $18 for 144 shapes. These are the type of decoration to arrange carefully, one per cookie or cupcake. Or use a circle of them for a spring themed cake at Easter.

Rainbow Hearts Sugar Shapes – 144 Shapescost $18 from Crispie Sweets via Amazon.

Heart Shaped Cake Pan

Heart shaped cake panIf you love baking this heart shaped cake pan is one piece of kitchenware you can’t be without at this time of year.

Whether you are baking a cake for your kids on Valentine’s Day or spoiling your beloved with a romantic meal, hearts are essential. While you may not use it as often as your regular cake pans, a heart pan is worth having in your baking drawer for birthdays and special occasions too.

This pan by Wilton measures 9” across and has a good non-stick coating. It could even make a practical and original Valentine’s gift – fill it with chocolates, or perhaps cake decoration flowers for the baker in your life!

Wilton Excelle Elite 9-Inch Heart Pan costs $13.99 from Amazon

Le Creuset Heart Casserole For the Romantic Cook!

Le Creuset Heart CasseroleAlmost every serious cook lusts after Le Creuset casseroles, but generally speaking they’re a practical rather than a romantic gift… except when they’re heart-shaped! In this case it would be a wonderful anniversary, Valentine’s or Christmas gift for your beloved, and if you’re very lucky it might even be used to cook a romantic candlelit dinner for two!

This gorgeous pot combines the functionality of a true Le Creuset casserole, which is the best in oven to table cookware, with the whimsy of romance.  At $159.95 from Amazon, the Le Creuset Enameled Cast-Iron 2-Quart Heart Casserole, Redis a true proof of love and devotion!

Heart in hand cookie cutter

Heart in Hand Cookie Cutter

Heart in hand cookie cutterIf you have the patience for slightly tricksy cookie cutters this might be for you. Rather more elaborate than the plain heart cookie cutters it gives you a hand shape with the heart cut out of the middle. The hand is about the size of a 7 year old child’s and this is the age that the cookies are likely to appeal to… but don’t expect them to be cutting the cookies all by themselves, as the fingers are quite easy to break if the cutter sticks to the dough.

Another thing to watch out for is the uneven cooking of the cookies as the finger tips tend to brown before the main areas of the hand, so the dough must  be rolled out very evenly to get a good result. But a fun idea all the same! Here is what the resulting cookies look like

Heart in hand cookiesR & M Heart in Hand Cookie Cutter costs $6.99 from Amazon.

Heart Cookie Cutters

heart-cookie-cuttersThese are an essential for any household with kids. My girls love making heart cookies, not just on Valentine’s Day but also for markets, birthdays and so on. The lovely thing about this set is that you can make all sorts of sizes – big ones to put words on, tiny ones to decorate with a single silver ball.

The largest cutter is 3 ¼ inches (9cm) and the smallest 1 7/8 inches (4.5cm). They’re deep enough for brownies as well as cookies and come in a cute round tin that keeps them in good shape when not in use – far better than the jumble of my baking drawer!

They’d make a great little gift for a 7-12 year old domestic goddess or a stocking filler for anyone who loves baking.

Ateco Graduated Heart Cookie Cutters, Set of 6 currently costs $10.14 from Amazon.

Heart Ice Cubes For Cool Romantic Evenings

heart-ice-cube-trayA romantic candle-lit dinner, food all prepared earlier, a glass of white wine and the finishing touch, heart ice cubes floating in the glass – romantic or over-the-top, whatever you think, it’s got to be a fun touch!

This silicon ice cube tray makes it all possible – ice cubes for a romantic meal, a girls’ birthday party or just because you love hearts. You could even try freezing berry juice in heart shapes to add a touch of bleeding heart drama to your water jug!

Lekue Silicone Ice Cube Tray, Heart currently costs $6.99 from Amazon

Heart shaped Pancake and Egg Rings For Smiles At Breakfast

heart-pancake-ringsI love the idea of heart shaped fried eggs or pancakes for breakfast! Not just for Valentine’s Day either – birthdays, anniversaries and even just rainy Saturdays would be livened up by a heart on toast! I know my kids would love it – pancakes are already a favourite, just imagine if they came in a heart shape… perhaps with strawberries on top!

These heart egg and pancake rings are inexpensive, a lovely elegant shape, non-stick and will bring smiles and squeals of joy to your breakfast table!

Norpro Nonstick Heart Pancake Egg Rings, Set of 2 currently cost $4.82 from Amazon for a set of 2

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