Spiral Heart Wind Chimes with Prism Crystals

Spiral Heart wind chimesLooking for a heart-themed gift for Christmas? How about this charming heart wind chime to hang on the porch or patio? It’s quite large at 32 inches from top to bottom and makes a lovely sound as the breeze catches it.

Whether you use it for zen ambience, or to keep birds and bats away from the eaves of your home, it’s a lovely decorative touch .

With a spiral of red metal hearts and heart shaped crystals inside, which catch the sunlight and make prism rainbows, these wind chimes are well-made and come cleverly packaged so that they are easily lifted out with no tangles.

Red Carpet Studio 32-Inch Red Heart Spiral Tunes Chime with Heart Crystals
currently costs $18.29 down from $24.95 from Red Carpet via Amazon.

This post has two more sets of pretty heart wind chimes also from Red Carpet Studio.

crystal hearts

Crystal Hearts – Gifts With Wonderful Energy

crystal heartsCrystal hearts have such a wonderful energy that they make great gifts for all sorts of occasions. Children love them – so think of them as stocking fillers, unusual party gifts or collectibles. Adults enjoy them too, so smooth and tactile and pretty to look at, so they would make unusual wedding favours and loving tokens of affection.

Crystal Age offers heart shapes in all sorts of different crystals, from rose quartz (pictured), to red jasper, orange carnelian, onyx, sodalite and many more. Each crystal has different energetic properties, so if you are interested in that aspect rather than just prettiness, read up on their qualities before making your selection.

These crystal hearts are available from Crystal Age, based in the UK and there is worldwide shipping available. Rose quartz hearts cost from £1.99 to £59.99 depending on size.

Heart Chakra Crystals

Heart shaped crystals in chakra coloursLooking for a last minute stocking stuffer for your beloved?

These gorgeous heart crystals would be  perfect! Each one is an energy filled crystal, carved into a heart shape and glowing with colour.

The selection of stones is chosen to resonate with the chakras, so there is red jasper for the root chakra, orange aventurine for the sacral chakra, jasper, lapis lazuli, sodalite and amethyst and so on.

Whether you want to use them for chakra balancing, reiki, or just to enjoy because they are so pretty, they make a really meaningful gift under the tree or in a stocking!

7 CHAKRA HEART STONES w/ Heart Chakra Pouch ~ Jasper, Aventurine, Lapis Lazuli, & Amethyst cost $25.01 from Amazon and there is still just time to get them delivered for Christmas.

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