wedgewood-pink-heart ornament

A Pink Wedgewood Heart Ornament for Breast Cancer

wedgewood-pink-heart ornamentA lovely ornament for a grown-up Christmas tree, this delicate heart ornament is made from porcelain with a beautiful rose molded in white in the best Wedgewood tradition.

Created as part of their annual Christmas collection to raise funds to help cure breast cancer, it serves as a beautiful remembrance piece, or a badge of honour to survivors of  breast cancer.

The heart ornament measure 3 inches across and is delicate enough to hang from the branches of the tree, preferably out of reach of playful cats and kids!

There is just one left at the discounted price of $19.95 on Amazon through Flying Pigs Gift Shop. Wedgwood by Waterford BreastCancer.Org Heart Ornament, Pink/White

Spiral Heart Wind Chimes with Prism Crystals

Spiral Heart wind chimesLooking for a heart-themed gift for Christmas? How about this charming heart wind chime to hang on the porch or patio? It’s quite large at 32 inches from top to bottom and makes a lovely sound as the breeze catches it.

Whether you use it for zen ambience, or to keep birds and bats away from the eaves of your home, it’s a lovely decorative touch .

With a spiral of red metal hearts and heart shaped crystals inside, which catch the sunlight and make prism rainbows, these wind chimes are well-made and come cleverly packaged so that they are easily lifted out with no tangles.

Red Carpet Studio 32-Inch Red Heart Spiral Tunes Chime with Heart Crystals
currently costs $18.29 down from $24.95 from Red Carpet via Amazon.

This post has two more sets of pretty heart wind chimes also from Red Carpet Studio.

Heart Cake Pan Set by Wilton

set of heart cake tinsAn original gift for a passionate baker, these heart shaped tins are perfect for baking a beautiful stacked heart cake for any romantic occasion.

For that matter what little girl wouldn’t love a fancy heart cake for her birthday cake. Imaginative bakers have even turned the heart around to construct elaborate shamrock cakes for St Patrick’s day, so there’s no end to the special occasions and holidays these cake pans could be used to celebrate.

Good quality aluminum pans from Wilton, these should last well and be a great addition to any keen baker’s collection. The set includes a 14 inch, a 12 inch, a 10 inch and a 6 inch pan, all measuring 2 inches deep.

Wilton Decorative Preferred 4-Piece Heart Pan Setcosts $34.89 for the set, down from $47.99, from Wilton via Amazon.

Heart Gift Boxes for Home-made Gifts

heart gift box gift-box-heart-2Home-made gifts can be so much more personal and thoughtful. But how do you package those home-baked cookies, those decadent chocolate truffles, or whatever your creativity has come up with? Well maybe you make your own packaging too, but in case you are running out of time before the holidays or just want to add a bit of substance to your gift with a beautiful box, these two heart gift boxes could be just what you need.

The boxes measure 11x9x5 inches and come with black wrapping ribbon.

Heart Gift Box holiday party gift nesting decorative wrapping box (s-008).are currently discounted from $10.30 down to $6.69 on Amazon and there are only a few left in stock so grab them now.

Heart Gift Box holiday party gift nesting decorative wrapping box (s-008).

Antique Style Heart Padlock

antique heart padlockThis antique reproduction heart padlock really appeals to me even though I’m not sure what I’d use it for. Quirky and with a substantial period feel, it functions well as a padlock, although I wouldn’t rely on it to be a real security measure in the face of determined burglars. Perhaps it would be fun to use as a decorative lock on a chest or treasure box, or as a mild security precaution on a donation or gift box at a special event or a wedding.

The heart padlock measures 5” x 3” x3/4 “, is made of sturdy metal and some may have a slightly rusted finish.   Antique Reproduction Heart Padlock with 2 Skeleton Keys costs $19.95 from Amazon.

glass heart ornament

Purple Glass Heart Ornament For Christmas

glass heart ornamentGlass Christmas tree ornaments are a rare find these days. They are the stuff of nostalgic old-fashioned Christmas, from our grandmothers’ trees. They had probably all been broken before our childhoods, so fragile are they. But there’s no reason why we can’t aspire to those beautifully decorated trees of old with real glass ornaments and candles in holders… as long as we don’t have toddlers, cats or crazy dogs to knock Christmas trees over!

This gorgeous purple glass heart ornament is by Kitras who make a range of exquisite glass balls and hearts in all sorts of colors. Not cheap at $22 each but they are the kind of thing that you can give as a gift or collect over the years until you have a treeful by the time you have your own grandchildren!

Kitras 3-Inch Heart Shaped Glass Ornament, Purple available from Amazon costs $16.22 down from $22.

crystal hearts

Crystal Hearts – Gifts With Wonderful Energy

crystal heartsCrystal hearts have such a wonderful energy that they make great gifts for all sorts of occasions. Children love them – so think of them as stocking fillers, unusual party gifts or collectibles. Adults enjoy them too, so smooth and tactile and pretty to look at, so they would make unusual wedding favours and loving tokens of affection.

Crystal Age offers heart shapes in all sorts of different crystals, from rose quartz (pictured), to red jasper, orange carnelian, onyx, sodalite and many more. Each crystal has different energetic properties, so if you are interested in that aspect rather than just prettiness, read up on their qualities before making your selection.

These crystal hearts are available from Crystal Age, based in the UK and there is worldwide shipping available. Rose quartz hearts cost from £1.99 to £59.99 depending on size.

Dark Chocolate Heart and Champagne Truffles

bettys-chocolate-heartIsn’t this the most beautiful chocolate heart you’ve ever seen? Perfect for winning the heart of a confirmed chocoholic, the whole thing is crafted from best quality Swiss chocolate, and the pattern and golden powder shimmer is edible.

Unlike most chocolate hearts I’ve seen, this is actually made of really good quality chocolate and filled with eight divine hand-made champagne truffles.

This chocolate heart is made in England, but can be delivered overseas, and costs £18.95 direct from Betty’s.

For a really detailed review check out Chocoblog’s post and see if you don’t crave these for yourself this Valentine’s Day!

Hand-made Millefiori Glass Heart Paperweight

millefiori-glass-heart-paperweightThere’s something eternal yet ephemeral about a glass heart paperweight – it can last unchanged forever or be shattered in an instant – the perfect symbolic love gift for Valentine’s Day!

This is a particularly pretty one with its millefiori detail and rich meadow colours. Bettter order it soon so it can be delivered in time if you plan it as a romantic gift!

Murano Design Mouth Blown Rainbow Heart Millefiori Art Glass Paperweight PW-1103 costs $38.50 from Tripact via Amazon.


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