Heart of Chocolates

hand-made chocolatesChocolates are the quickest way to my heart – and I know I’m not the only woman who can’t resist good, dark chocolate. When it comes to artisan made chocolates and truffles I’m a pushover.

These hand-made chocolates from Heart of Chocolates, or Coeur des Chocolats, just had to be included on the site, even though only one of them (the passion fruit) is heart shaped. Each one is a work of art, so beautiful it has to taste fabulous!
heart passion fruit chocolate

Those lucky enough to live nearby in San Francisco can buy direct or in several of the retail stockists, but the chocolates can be shopped anywhere in the US. Individual chocolates can be ordered as wedding favors and they can be bought wholesale or for corporate gifts. But this box will do me fine for now, thanks!

hand-made chocolatesThis gift box of 24 chocolates (100g) costs $42.

Wooden Message Hearts For Valentine’s Day

Wooden Message HeartsHere’s an idea to really make your Valentine’s message unique – have it custom engraved on these little wooden heart ornaments. The hearts come with a set of fairly traditional Valentine messages on them, but you can opt to have your own set of words or phrases custom-engraved.

Get thinking creatively and come up with something unique to you both. Then you could send the hearts one by one through the post, so that she is bombarded by love; or decorate a little potted tree with the heart messages; tie them into a bouquet; string them on a ribbon; or just have the box delivered as it is!

The wooden hearts are laser cut, made from sustainably harvested Wisconsin woods and sealed with a non-toxic oil. A great eco-romantic gift that will last for ever.

The box with the 15 standard messages costs $24.95. It will cost a further $14.85 to have all the messages custom engraved to your requirements. From Timber Green Woods on Etsy.

Bird On Heart Garden Sculpture

Bird on Heart Metal Garden SculptureI love the bright colors and quirky romance of this hand-painted metal garden sculpture – I know it would look great in my herb garden and it would make a great romantic gift for anyone else who loves growing things.

It is hand-made by Judie Bomberger, artist renowned for her collaboration with Cirque du Soleil and her classic Beatles metal sculptures, painted in strong and joyful colors and finished with a weather resistant clear coat, so should look great for years whatever the weather. The sculpture is 11” high, atop a 16” stake.

How about combining this with a really beautiful potted plant, or several, to romance your gardening sweetheart?

Costs $74.95 from Wind and Weather.

Heart in Hand Cookie Cutter

Heart in hand cookie cutterIf you have the patience for slightly tricksy cookie cutters this might be for you. Rather more elaborate than the plain heart cookie cutters it gives you a hand shape with the heart cut out of the middle. The hand is about the size of a 7 year old child’s and this is the age that the cookies are likely to appeal to… but don’t expect them to be cutting the cookies all by themselves, as the fingers are quite easy to break if the cutter sticks to the dough.

Another thing to watch out for is the uneven cooking of the cookies as the finger tips tend to brown before the main areas of the hand, so the dough must  be rolled out very evenly to get a good result. But a fun idea all the same! Here is what the resulting cookies look like

Heart in hand cookiesR & M Heart in Hand Cookie Cutter costs $6.99 from Amazon.

Big Solid Chocolate Heart

solid chocolate heartFor some chocoholics only chocolate itself will do… none of those fancy filled chocolates or truffles, just a solid slab of gourmet chocolate. If your beloved is one of these people, then what could be better than a 3lb chocolate heart as a gift?!

There is something about the over-the-topness of this chocolate heart by Lang’s Chocolates that really appeals to me – it’s 12 inches by 12 inches of solid gourmet dark chocolate.. or there is a milk chocolate version too, but what hard-core chocoholic goes for milk chocolate?! They are both certified kosher too.

3lb Solid Dark Chocolate heart. Large Valentine heart. Certified Kosher or
3lb Solid Milk Chocolate heart. Large Valentine heart. Certified Kosher Currently both cost $60 from Amazon + $17.20 shipping…they are heavy!

Rich, Bright Pillow with Decorative Punchneedle Heart

heart-pillowThis pillow is enough to grab anyone’s attention, with its gorgeous orange cotton cover setting off the exquisite heart embroidery.

The embroidery is created with an old Russian technique called punchneedle or thread painting. It has a delightful effect adding intensity of the colorful design. Perfect to add a splash of color to any interior.

Costs $30 from indulgentcreations at Etsy.

Pretty Personalised Appliqué Heart

personalized-heartSo much work and love has gone into the making of this heart that it is perfect for a loving gift, whether to sweetheart, mother, friend or grandmother.

Choose the name or word that you want to have embroidered on the calico heart for a really special gift. Felt hearts, buttons and beads decorate the heart and you can also request your color preference.

This heart is really affordable for the amount of hand-work that has been lavished on it!

Costs $10 from Inkidesigns at Etsy

Heart Stones by Josie Iselin

heart-bookA wonderful book by photographer Josie Iselin who has combed beaches to find the heart treasures waiting for anyone with the eyes to see. She has photographed a collection of 100 heart shaped stones to inspire and comfort anyone who loves nature and the beauty it holds for us..
This book would make a wonderful gift for the artist or beachcomber in your life.

Heart Stones currently costs $9.95 from Amazon

Heart Ice Cubes For Cool Romantic Evenings

heart-ice-cube-trayA romantic candle-lit dinner, food all prepared earlier, a glass of white wine and the finishing touch, heart ice cubes floating in the glass – romantic or over-the-top, whatever you think, it’s got to be a fun touch!

This silicon ice cube tray makes it all possible – ice cubes for a romantic meal, a girls’ birthday party or just because you love hearts. You could even try freezing berry juice in heart shapes to add a touch of bleeding heart drama to your water jug!

Lekue Silicone Ice Cube Tray, Heart currently costs $6.99 from Amazon

Red Velvet Heart Ring Jewel Case

heart-ring-caseWant to make the gift of a ring even more romantic? How about putting it into a heart shaped ring box so there is no mistaking your meaning!

It may not be as upmarket as a box bearing the name of Tiffany’s or Cartier, but it’s a fun touch for the light-hearted romantic!

You can even get it customized with a decorative plate engraved with  a message or significant date. Or even just ‘I Love You!’

Jewel case red velvet heart ring.currently costs  $5 from Amazon
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